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Nick Evans

A Catalyst for Authentic Connection

Nick works with individuals and teams who are interested in exploring their authenticity as the basis of their leadership. He reconnects people to their authenticity and to the unique contribution of others, so that they can collectively create a mutually inspiring future. He then guides them on how to pursue together their biggest possibilities for success while supporting each other to learn, grow and thrive.

As a business leader, he knows how to link overall business vision, strategy and culture with individual contribution, engagement and results. As a coach he has a unique ability to understand and inspire others to grow professionally, personally and to create the meaningful life and work they desire. In addition to his coaching, he combines his experience in business strategy, change management, team building and organizational dynamics, to design authentic leadership development programs. For fun, he co-teaches a graduate course on Authentic Leadership at the University of Toronto.

Nick has an MBA from the Ivey School of Business and a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Toronto. He is a certified practitioner of multiple coaching and assessment tools and holds the Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation. Nick is a recipient of the Prism Award for Excellence in Organizational Coaching in both 2006 and as part of a team in 2008. Nick is the founder and principal of his company Dialogue C.

My Network of Partners

Jane Gaynor

Gain Your Edge Coaching

“Coaching People, Teams & Organizations to Gain Their Authentic Edge and Achieve their Meaningful Goals” Jane draws upon her extensive corporate experience and formal coaching credentials to fully support clients in creating their desired results. Whether it’s individuals ready to make huge strides personally and professionally or companies dedicated to building cohesive and successful teams, Jane delivers. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree and more than two decades of experience working for industry giants such as Campbell Soup Company, E. & J. Gallo Winery and Marriott Hotels, Jane brings a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to her coaching. She is accredited through the International Coaching Federation, and is certified in proven assessment tools, including the Attentional and Interpersonal Styles (TAIS) Inventory, Pursuit Values System and the Leadership Circle Profile. Jane’s positive energy, compassionate listening, and clear communication ensure results for business professionals who are looking to move to the next level of their careers faster. She is an expert facilitator and team-builder for diverse clients including food service, IT, insurance, law, manufacturing and the entertainment industry. On a personal note, Jane’s passions are her family, friends, food, fitness and having fun. Her two, very active boys are her inspiration for continued self-discovery.

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Mike Farley

Pursuit Development Labs Inc.

“Resourcing Collective Work & Meaningful Causes in Community” Mike joined Pursuit at its Founding after a career in Marketing and business development in Pharma, Food Manufacturing and Retail in Canada & the U.S.. Mike & Pursuit have worked with countless individuals at all levels of the organization and vocations to support them in their meaningful journeys. He guides people to bring their unique resourceful contributions together in collective work as a means to energize them and most significantly, that tangibly progresses their collective cause. Mike works with individuals & teams so they can be more conscious and aware of their authentic leadership as a unique contribution, and then support them in bringing their innate resourcefulness forward so it can be seen & embraced with others to realize what is collectively meaningful. As coach and council, Mike helps people quickly embrace their true resourcefulness & unique contribution and uncovers what at times, may unknowingly hinder their ability to connect & work in community. As a co-creator, Mike organizes & resources a path of team events around the creation of the physical tangible work products of a team of innovators.

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Jacquie Chapman

Valeo Leadership

Jacquie Chapman is a seasoned executive-turned-coach with 20+ years of corporate, start-up and consulting experience. She advised Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in Canada, the US and Europe on market expansion, cost containment, customer service and M&A while at PwC and the Boston Consulting Group. At LoyaltyOne she managed a team of marketers and analysts, coached and mentored high-potential employees across the organization and sat on advisory committees with the Executive Committee to identify unique growth opportunities. Next, Jacquie led the successful sale of an education technology business to a Private Equity fund and grew an early-stage health-tech company as the COO. Finally, over the past 5+ years, Jacquie has built her coaching practice through foundational training with the esteemed Co-Active Training Institute and the Pursuit Authentic Leadership Program coaching leaders and high-potential employees to change the trajectory of their careers while building resilience and confidence. Jacquie graduated from Queen’s University with an Honours BAH and from the Richard Ivey School of Business with an MBA (Dean’s List).

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Wayne Stark

Pursuit Development Labs Inc.

“Unleashing Authentic Leadership & Creating What is Meaningful” Wayne founded Pursuit as a Leadership, Strategy and Innovation boutique in 2000 after a career in marketing, strategy and executive leadership in food. He & Pursuit have worked with CEO’s and Senior Executives across a broad range of industries nationally and internationally to develop and realize their inspiring strategic journeys. Wayne works with senior leaders and their organizations to uncover their essential purpose, unique values & innovation culture. He guides CEO’s and the Senior Leadership Team to embrace their authentic leadership as individuals and as an organization & re-imagine a much more fulfilling & inspiring future, just beyond the limits of what they believe is possible. He supports them in crafting this into an inspiring strategic journey that can be used to engage the creative contribution of everyone across their organization. As a co-creator, Wayne then helps them come together as a network of authentic leaders and co-create their boldest innovative Meaningful Work that sparks belief and energy in their journey. Over the past 10 years he had co-lead the development of the original concepts, frameworks and tools to develop Authentic Leadership, Co-creative Teams and Inspired Strategic Journeys and unleash what is truly meaningful and enriches lives.

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Sharon Flanagan

Ignite Essentials Leadership Development

“Guides Essential Leadership Development for personal growth and learning that ignites meaningful strategic change” Sharon brings extensive executive experience in the financial services industry, having enjoyed a very successful career in TD Bank Financial Group. As an accomplished Vice President of Human Resources, her last business unit comprised over 3500 employees and six lines of business. Her leadership expertise includes direct business experience in line retail banking. She was valued and respected as a business partner who supported a broad range of business units including national and international operations, information technology, corporate groups, wealth management and the wholesale bank. Throughout her career, she facilitated significant leadership development, talent management and strategic change initiatives, reorganizations and also re-branding IT. Drawing on her own management experience and deep interest in helping managers and leaders grow, Sharon founded a successful leadership development and consulting business in 2002. With fifteen years experience as an executive coach, feedback coach and facilitator, she is known for her ability to help her clients translate complex challenges into practical solutions, sound business judgment and understanding of executive work/ life realities.

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