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The Team Journey

Since 2003 Nick has been designing and facilitating experiences for authentic expression that connect people and generates an open and thriving team culture!

Nick creates spaces where team members can authentically express themselves thereby building trust, and working through conflicts. Teams become energized, focused on the real priorities and inspired to pursue bigger possibilities. The impact is individual resourcefulness, deeper connection, and the ability to embrace and learn from the moments of disconnect along the journey to collective success.


A Foundational Insight from the Authentic Leadership Journey

“The individual who is most self aware, and connected to the others on the team in any particular moment, is the leader the team needs in that moment”  Wayne Stark 

A Customized and Authentic Approach to Teaming

Working in partnership with the team lead, Nick will custom design a series of experiences to build trust, shift the current dynamics and inspire momentum behind the team’s key objectives. The foundation for each experience is for team members to learn how to get Grounded, Connected, and Creative. Then together, they will build an understanding of the leadership required to navigate the moments of flow and disconnection along their natural authentic team journey (see models below).

Potential Elements of a Team Engagement

  • Initial assessment of the state of the team
  • 1-1 coaching of team members to create a window for change
  • Individual learning about their own authentic leadership
  • Team leadership coaching for team lead
  • Group discovery session using Pursuit Values Operating SystemTM
  • Facilitated dialogue on creating the space for the team to thrive
  • Facilitated alignment on team strategy and goals

A Collaborative Creation

The Authentic Teaming Experience has been created based on 15 years of partnership in observing and exploring human behaviour in teams and organizations between Nick Evans, Dialogue C and Wayne Stark and Mike Farley, Pursuit Development Labs Inc.