Authentic Leadership Coaching

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The Coaching Journey

Nick supports people to explore their authenticity and gain confidence in their ability to lead and inspire others.   A key to Nick’s process is individuals learn how to be grounded in themselves and to have more authentic conversation with others.  As a result they get to the clarity, ideas and solutions that help them move forward successfully, and they build the capability to consciously create the experiences and relationships they desire in their everyday life and work.

The Three Key Dialogues

While working with Nick, he will guide you through three key areas of focus:

  • The tools and techniques to successfully deliver on your current objectives and challenges at work
  • Accelerating your journey as a leader
  • Crafting the career and life you desire

Coaching Experience

Nick started coaching in 2003 and since has guided hundreds of individuals across diverse functions and industries (see client list), and has coached more than 6,000 hours (see client impact testimonials). Although he is certified as a Master Coach, he is still learning everyday about what enables individuals to be themselves, relate with others, and create an inspiring and fulfilling career and life.

Impact on You

The impact is a deeper understanding of yourself and your natural ability to connect with others, express your ideas, resolve conflicts, and to make meaningful contributions. You also gain the strategies to create the ongoing learning that is the basis for a thriving career and life.

Typical Elements of a Coaching Engagement

  • Initial conversation to ensure fit
  • Work together to determine themes and goals to be the focus of the coaching mandate
  • Review of any previous feedback and personality assessments and determine what additional assessments would be valuable
  • Optional verbal or written 360 review
  • Three-way conversation with you and your manager to align on coaching mandate
  • Series of coaching conversations based on client’s desired pacing
  • Ongoing reflection and application techniques and tools to build momentum
  • Mid-point and end of program reflection on progress and next steps