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Next Chapter Leadership Programs

  1. The Next Chapter Authentic Leadership Experience is a series of workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions over a period of several months.

Participants explore the foundational questions of “Who are we?” and “What are we about?”, and then gain insight on “How do we show up?” and “Uniquely create value”. This is the foundation of our ability to perform at a high level, create direction, lead teams and shift cultures.

The program is based on a belief that each of us are unique, that we want to make meaningful contributions, and that we can naturally create the needed ideas, relationships, and dynamics. Unfortunately we are typically unaware or not confident in our innate abilities and spend lots of time and energy trapped in chasing the expectations of others.

As we intentionally pursue our journey as an authentic leader, we create a vibrant and meaningful life for ourselves and others.

The Next Chapter Authentic Leadership Experience was designed in partnership with Pursuit Inc and is delivered by a team of Pursuit certified guides to cater to the unique learning needs of each participant (see  Network Partners)